Product reviews for TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Isaac - Defensive Driving Course

This was a great informational course

Rodolfo - Defensive Driving

The test was very comprehensive and informative

Ethan - Good Course

The course was easy to follow and understand.

Janice - Very informative

I read the reviews about this course and selected it over the competitors due to the pricing transparency. This course was easy to follow and it was a great reminder about ways to stay safe on the road. I was able to complete the course on my cell phone.

Stanley - Awesome Information

The course was easy to navigate and very informative.

Sarah - It was incredible

I like how organized and well thought out it was

Vikram - The test was very comprehensive and informative

The test was very comprehensive and informative

ABEL ARMANDO - Good course

It was a very good course, I've learned a lot of new things.

Karime - Easy and effective

The course was easy to sign up for inexpensive, and overall no issues when going through the course.

Annie - Very Good Course

Great course and excellent reminder of the responsibility required by all drivers.  Love the ability to do at on pace in the comfort of my home.

Richard - Great course

Easy to navigate course, and taught a lot about safety that wasn't focused on during a typical drivers ed course.

Melinda - Drivers Safety course

Great course allowed me to complete on my time.

Eddie - The title is correctly named.

The course was very informative. I learned some things that will make me a safer driver.

andrew - best course

made it so easy to use and very informative

Jocelyn - Review

It was a great course, and I also learned some new things. Definitely would recommend it.

Thomas - Great Course

The test was very comprehensive and informative

Thomas - Online Defensive Driving Course

I think I learned a fair bit. Moving forward, gaining real world experience will demonstrate and reinforce what was learned here. Easy to use and straightforward.

Paul - Very good program!

Very informative and well organized. My son will be of driving age soon and I hope he has access to this quality of information.

Marisol - First Time Friendly!

It is a reliable source for multiple reasons along with clear instructions and helpful information on how to aid our roads on a daily bases, toll free numbers , etc. This class is simple and has plenty of accommodating resources available to the users such as audio readings for all curriculums and saving all progress done by the user. I recommend this for anyone with a tight schedule.

Heidi - Excellent Course

I leaned a lot while completing this class. I have been driving for 20 years and appreciated the broad overview of driving information.

Ethan - Course Review

I learned a lot.  I liked that it is easy to use.

Anna - TX Defensive Driving Course

Some interesting stories and information.

Danniela - Great course and very informative!

I have learnt a lot that i never knew. Real life situations bringing everything in real life perspective. Seeing how decisions have affected people was an eye opener.

Wendy - Defensive Driving Review

Great course.  Informative and easy to navigate.

Chigozie - Excellent Course

I felt as if this course taught me more things I did not know regarding safety motors laws than I had previously learned when I first did my drivers ed. This course was a good refresher of information.

Jenny - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

It was a solid and comprehensive course.

Tyeisha - Great Course

Super convenient and informative! I was able to stop and take a nap in between without any issues!

Amanda - Great

The course is easy to follow and go at your own pace.

Owen - Great Course To Learn From

I learned many great things from this course to advance the efficiency of my driving in the future. Definitely will recommend this to friends and family who have also been in accidents.

Paulino - Tx Defensive Driving Course

Excellent content. Historical knowledge completely helpful and important.

Clara - Easy to Follow

Great experience. Easy to follow site. I am a visual learner, so I appreciate the mix of reading and videos.

Eduardo - Review

I had good service and no issues while doing the course.

Jose - Defensive Driving Course Online

Excellent course, easy to navigate, kept my attention and well done!

Luci - Driving Safety Course

Very good course to make you think about your driving consequences. It has a great impact on my driving going forward.

SARAVANAA - Driver Safety Course

Good content and I loved the format of exam.

Richard - Glad I took this course

I made a mistake. New vehicle, not used to the pedals, and got a traffic citation. I found this course, and am glad I took it. Refreshed me on topics I needed to be reacquainted with. Great course, Highly Recommend this Defensive Driving Course to anyone who needs to do so for Court, or to lower your insurance premiums. Thanks! A+++++

Daniel - Daniel - Great learning experience

Great learning experience. I was able to learn the things I never have.

Angelica - Angiie

This course gave me opportunity to learn in an easy way, I will drive better with all this tips.

James - Defensive Driving Course

Met all requirements for the defensive driving course.

Amirali - Helpful!

I learned a lot and I can sense how it impacted my driving.

Sandra - Defensive Driving

It was exactly as described on the website.

Evangelisto - Evan - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Great course for staying up to date with the rules and laws of the road and as a refresher in regard to defensive driving.

EVANS - Texas Defensive Driving Course

Excellent course. I learned many good tips. I'm ready to apply what I have learned. Thank you for putting such important course material together. The videos were touching and drove some of the important points home. I will encourage my family members to take the course.

Nicole - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

This was a very user-friendly class.  It was also very nice to be able to break up the class and not have to do it all in one setting!

Robert - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

This course was very informative and I learned some new things as it relates to being a better driver.

Joseph - refresh of driving skills

loved the idea of passing the first time around and concentrating on the dangerous roads up ahead

Barbara - Very Informative

The course has a lot of good information and is up-to-date.

Teryn - Good course

This is a good course for refreshing your knowledge for drivers safety.

John - Driver Safety Course

Very good course. Comprehensive for all age groups. Well done.

Susan - Texas Defensive Driving Online Course

This course was very well done. The videos helped explain the content every step of the way. The choices to read or listen along were excellent. I feel like taking the course will make me a better driver. Thanks!

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