Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Gabrielle - 4hr drug and alcohol course

For the price this was a nice course! Cheap too and easy to use and complete

Shakyra - Informative

I loved the course and I learned so much!

Mariangela - gracias

por el precio y la informacion me ayudo mucho

Codi - Great for the price!

This was one of the cheapest ones I found and it was supremely easy to pass and learn from!

Aaron - Florida Traffic Law Course

This was an amazing course and everything was very understanding 10/10 I recommend to anyone who’s interested

Jason - Top marks

Informative and well presented. Easy to navigate

Sampson - SAM- TLSAE

Very Good and informational. It was easy to follow and a very affordable price

Ava - Great Course!

This course was easy to use and complete. It provided lots of helpful information

Alyssa - Great

It was easy, but it also taught me a lot about drugs and alcohol. Would recommend.

Sarah - TLSAE Course

Was very easy, simple, and very educational. I liked the little review questions they gave along the way too. I passed the exam on my first try!

januel - great

very easy and reliable as well i would highly recommend

Caleb - Pretty Good

I was able to understand the course very well. Would recommend!

Lina - Conocimiento necesario para manejar

Es importante recordar la importancia de la conducción responsable para evitar graves consecuencias en el futuro

Leroy - Substance Abuse Course

This course was very helpful and east to navigate through, I would definitely recommend to anyone ready to get their learner's permit.

Helen Paola - Great Course

This course was very helpful and straightforward. The test has clear and concise questions.

ruby - Amazing Course!

This course helped me very much with videos and texts that were easy to understand.

Leslie - Great course!

I was able to get this test done in just a day, super easy to do!

Jonathan - Courses

It was informative and contained useful information

Reynaliza - Revision

buen curso, muy util, y facil de seguir.

Kaylie - Great cource

This is a good course it goes over everything you need to know about substance abuse.

Alejandro - Great Course

Great course. Very informative and educational. Overall recommend.

Ari'yanna - Amazing course.

I love how the courses explained everything clearly

Alek - Very informative!

Great lessons that are easy to follow and very informative. 10/10

Dean - Dean- Fast and affordable!

Unlike any other TLSAE tests that charge up to 30 dollars! just for the course this was half the price and get it done quickly! Had no problems and easily navigated thought it!

Michael - FL Tlsae course

Easy to complete no added complications and cheapest price I could find

Yarden - TLSAE

Really easy to learn and easy to navigate around. Very detailed and educational.

Michael - Michael

This course was great and it really helped me out with alcohol and drug abuse affects while driving.

Luiz - My experience

Very good and very informational also a good affordable price !

Serenity - TLSAE

This course is easy and fast to complete. It is easy to remember and comprehend each topic provided.

Kelly - Amazing

Loved the pacing and explanations for each lesson.

Scott - Test

It was a very good and easy to understand test.

Olga - Drug and alcohol test

No problems at all,
Test was very fast,  cheap and  easy

Natalia - Great Course

very useful and educational overall, would recommend.

Ginikachi - TLSAE Course Review

Really enjoyed using this resource to study and to take the TLSAE course. The videos, listening option, and pop-up quizzes really do a great job in making sure that you not only understand the material, but also retain it. I ended up passing the exam on my first try! Overall, i would totally recommend this to anyone!

Callicia - Excellent Teaching Course

Very good and informative. Shows the raw realities of Alcohol and drug influenced driving and it's consequences. We could all do to be reminded of these things more often.

Brandon - Great course

My son took this course.  He said it had a lot of helpful information that stood out to him, as he was taking the test to pass.

Peyton - Great

The lessons were very helpful and explained each topic clearly.

Alex - Good.

It was good and easy to understand and follow.

Lindsay - TLSAE course

Extremely informative and easy to pass.

Daniel - Daniel - Fantastic Course

Well organized and simple to accomplish. Its easy memorized and it makes sure you do read through.


Excellent tutoring! I passed first attempt. I recommend this education course

Arianna - Great Course

The course was really easy and quick.

Clara Isabel - Great Course

This course is amazing and you will learn all the material needed to be a safe driver.

Freedom - Simple and Effective

Need I say more? The course is easy to understand, registration was straightforward and on point, and the review questions helped to learn the topics.

Elian - very good

very good and easy. helped me out a lot.

Jymariah - Great!!!!!

This is real, if anyone is second guessing to try courses online. It’s legit !!!!

Christian - Amazing

Was very satisfied with the flow of the course, and how easy it was to understand and keep up with all the different segments. Definitely recommend.

Jessika - Drug and alcohol test

It was great.. very easy to navigate and very informational.

Jose - jose

really good explanation of what drugs and drinking can do when driving

jenna - Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

No problems at all, was very fast cheap easy and convenient.

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